About Me

February 11, 2016

Hi, I’m Michael, I live just north of Sydney in Australia. I’m a software developer, and have been for over 10 years now.

Software development for me means fitting into a wide range of roles like: programming, business analysis, customer support, maintaining servers, project management, leading teams, and hiring new staff. Sometimes all of them if I’m the only one on a project!

The work I’ve done has been across many varied tech stacks: C#/.NET, Python, Ruby, C++, Golang, PHP, JavaScript, and more. I am a full-stack developer, whether it’s tuning databases and API endpoints to handle thousands of incoming requests, getting the UI flowing and looking just right in an AngularJS application, or automating parts of the infrastructure and deployments.

I prefer to work in an agile way, and am a big believer in automation; especially when it comes to testing, deployment and delivery. I like to believe I am pragmatic in my approaches: striving for perfection but delivering on time. Agile is not a product you can buy, and devops is not a role you can fill.

Over the past few years I’ve also been investing time into teaching myself music production skills, which include: Synthesis, Sound Design, Composition, Recording, Arrangement, Mixing, and Mastering. Most of my skills have been built up around the Ableton Live software suite, and I’ve also built up a studio to go with it. Some of my output can be found on my soundcloud.

Recently I’ve started dabbling in learning DSP theory and starting to combine the two worlds of music and software development. I have also been learning the Elixir programming language, and the Phoenix web framework. Stay tuned.